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Marketing Campaigns

We have analysed the marketing of more than 100 film projects, offering positioning statements, benchmarks, target audience and SWOT analysis, as well as marketing activation ideas from development to delivery, both B2B and B2C.

Creative Materials

Key Artwork+Posters_

A film poster is a prime marketing tool, but one very difficult to master: one image, one chance to grab attention and less than two seconds to get it right. This is exactly the challenge that we love to undertake.


Arguably the most important marketing tool. We collaborate with a network of trailer editors that we match on project per project basis, based on the positioning of each film.

Press Texts_

Summarising a film in one sentence or one paragraph can be a daunting task, especially after having worked on it for years. We undertake all creative writing, including synopsis, log lines, tag lines, as well as proof reading of treatments, director’s and producer’s notes.

Mini Sites_

A central hub of information, a mini site is an efficient marketing tool that can follow your film’s journey from the beginning to many years to come.

Digital Content_

Social Media strategies and activation ideas during the film’s launch, as well as grass root marketing that can help you grow the film’s community and establish your brand.

Distribution Plans

We look for data, potential partners, sales agents, distributors and VoD platforms that might have a similar taste for film and analyse Box Office and admission numbers to help you understand the market of your film and reach it.