to sail close to the wind



In the Somali coastline, maritime piracy has strived for decades. It is an international issue of countless political implications that has been contained, yet never resolved. Instead, insurance companies have made fortunes, armies foreign-to-the-region have found an excuse to set up camps in the area, and mercenaries have found a new niche: that of maritime security. 

To Sail Close to the Wind follows three characters who live in the grey zone, spending the better part of their lives waiting to face an external threat; a threat that may never manifest.

Following these maritime guards at different stages in their lives, To Sail Close to the Wind reflects on their role as  protectors and providers. Documenting them on land and at sea, the film questions what it means to live on the edge of what society calls “safe”.

Written and Directed by Gregoris Rentis | Country of production: Greece and France | Producers: Vicky Miha, Gregoris Rentis and Clement Duboin | Production Companies: Byrd, asterisk* and Good Fortune Films | With the support of the Greek Film Centre, ERT, ARTE GEIE, CE Media Development Support.

Languages: English and Greek | Duration: 90’ | Estimated Delivery: March 2020