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Production & Executive Production

When we come across a project that we can’t resist, we come fully on board as producers, working with the team to help them get it off the ground and finance and position it at in international level. For the past 12 years, our team has worked on films that have been featured at festivals, such as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, San Sebastian, and Rotterdam, and funded by the CE Media Program, Eurimages, ARTE, ERT, Film 4, World Cinema Fund, CNC Cinema du Monde, NRW, Apulia Film Commission and IDM, as well as the funds of Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia and Albania.


Greece offers a wealth of opportunities, both for production and post-production. With the 40% Cash Rebate and the Minority Co-production Fund of the Greek Film Centre in effect, we are happy to discuss the possibilities of shooting and finalising a film in Greece, using our extensive network of domestic collaborators.


In 2021 we are expanding our activities by creating a color-grading studio.
For more information, just say hi at [email protected]


TO SAIL CLOSE TO THE WIND by Gregoris Rentis [in post-production, Titra Prize at Les Arcs Works in Progress, Greek-French co-production];

THE MAN WITH THE ANSWERS by Stelios Kammitsis [in post-production, Greek, Cypriot, Italian co- production];

MESOPOTAMIA by Pascal Cuissot [in financing, French-Greek co-production, supported by Arte and CE Media TV Programming among others];

ACROSS HER BODY by Zacharias Mavroidis [Competition Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2018, Greek-Swedish co-production];

OSCURO ANIMAL by Felipe Guerrero [Premio Co-operacion Espanola San Sebastian / Rotterdam 2015 / Colombian, Argentinian, German, Dutch, Greek co-production];

MODRIS by Juris Kursietis [Special Mention San Sebastian / Contemporary World Cinema Toronto 2014, Latvian, German, Greek co-production, supported by Eurimages];

DOGTOOTH by Yorgos Lanthimos (Oscar Nominated for Best Foreign Film / Un Certain Regard Award Cannes 2009).