film funding

With a focus on CE Media and Eurimages applications and the experience of more than 100 projects (including all fiction, documentary and animation), coming from 15 countries and 25+ companies, asterisk* has brought more than € 2 million to the producers we have worked with.

In addition, we offer financing strategy overviews, which includes fact checking, financing plan analysis, as well as suggestions for co-producing possibilities.

film marketing

asterisk* aim at creating a holistic approach to positioning a film in the international market.

We work from a project stage, offering packaging during development with a full consultation on a marketing analysis, as well as the creation of a pitch deck, including original artwork.

On top of this, we offer copywriting and proof reading services.

As the film gets closer to release, we work on creating a marketing strategy and produce all marketing materials, striving for uniformity across all platforms.

These include poster, trailer, electronic press kit, digital marketing (social media and website), as well as conceptual marketing campaigns.