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the man with the answers

After the death of his grandmother, Victor, a Greek ex-diving champion in his 20s, starts a spontaneous road trip. On the boat to Italy, he meets Matthias, a charming German drifter. Both head to Germany, each for their own reasons, both seeking for answers, each to their own questions.

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to sail close to the wind

Since the peak in piracy incidents off the coast of Somalia, a new type of ‘business’ installed itself in the region: this of maritime security. To Sail Close to the Wind follows three characters who live in the grey zone, spending the better part of their lives waiting to face an external threat; a threat that may never manifest.


man wanted

New York, 1950.

Stuart is a young man who enters a metro station full of posters and ads. Climbing down the stairs, he gets immersed in a world of empty wagons and half-lit stations full of whispers and shadows; a world he can no longer control.