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Development & Financing

We apply for funds

Since our founding in 2017, we have submitted 200+ projects to funds such as Creative Europe [Single and Slate Development Support / TV Programming] and Eurimages, including fiction, documentary, animation and TV series. We have worked with 40 companies from 20 countries, bringing over € 2.5 million to the producers we have worked with.

We check facts

Having worked on dozens of financing strategies from nearly every European country, we have built know-how of the European funding landscape. We provide an overview of the financing strategy, including fact checking in terms of potential partners and funds, as well as possible options for additional funding and suggestions for co-producing countries.

We connect partners

Over the years, we have built an extensive network of contacts and trusted producers in Europe and beyond. We offer advise on suitable companies that can be useful partners and bring value to your projects.

We strategize

We work on effectively positioning projects in the international market. We consult on markets and events that can push the project forward and we execute the submissions on a year round basis.


submitted projects


companies we have worked with